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JobsOhio’s managing directors and other senior level team members are experts in business and industry with decades of experience at some of the world’s leading companies. Our executives regularly publish blogs that provide valuable insight, expert commentary and general information about topics relevant to Ohio economic development. Their thought leadership helps business leaders – both those in Ohio and those thinking about coming to Ohio – learn about and understand the benefits of doing business in Ohio.

Ohio’s Energy Investments Positively Impact Communities

Ohio’s Energy Investments Positively Impact Communities

Energy projects have a positive ripple effect
Dana Saucier, senior managing director, JobsOhio
May 7, 2018

Ohio’s energy sector is growing mostly due to large deposits of shale. This brings about more investments from new companies. These investments not only have a direct impact on the companies and their employees, but also indirectly on jobs during construction as well as the economy of the local community. They also bring about potential new opportunities for further business investments.

Make Ohio Home

Make Ohio Home

Video highlights assets that make Ohio an attractive state for investment
Renae Scott, director of marketing and communications, JobsOhio
May 3, 2018

Companies from across the United States and the world choose to invest in Ohio because Ohio has the business climate, the people and the resources they need to grow. JobsOhio’s Make Ohio Home video sends a message that Ohio is culturally and economically vibrant, making it a great place to invest in and call home.

Ohio's World-Renowned Hospitals Spin Off Groundbreaking Health Care Companies

Ohio's World-Renowned Hospitals Spin Off Groundbreaking Healthcare Companies

New companies reflect the high level of innovation and collaboration in Ohio
By Aaron Pitts, senior managing director of Healthcare at JobsOhio
April 23, 2018

Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus are spinning off new, innovative companies that are coming up with groundbreaking breakthroughs around the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems. These new health care companies are a testament to the research and collaborative environment in Ohio that support innovation.

Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Achilles’ Heel

Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Achilles’ Heel

Ohio has proven solutions to the manufacturing workforce gap
Glenn Richardson, managing director, JobsOhio
April 12, 2018

Manufacturers are concerned about finding associates for their operations. Fortunately, Ohio has the existing talent and demonstrated methods of cultivating talent to ensure that companies build the workforce of the future – their workforce.


Carbon Fiber Poised to Revolutionize Ohio Industries

Stronger and lighter materials appeal to many industries
Glenn Richardson, managing director of advanced manufacturing, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, but about two-thirds the weight and is heat resistant. JobsOhio has made it a priority to foster carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite advancements that are cost-effective using Ohio's many resources.


Why the JobsOhio Model Works

With a unique business model, JobsOhio operates unlike any other state economic development organization.
David Mustine, senior advisor, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

JobsOhio has a unique business model. Unlike other state economic development organizations, JobsOhio is a nonprofit company that has a private funding stream and an independent board of directors. This structure is designed for continuity and long-term stability.