Ohio offers an abundance of skilled, educated employees — from seasoned executives and high-achieving college graduates to generations of skilled trade professionals. Our workforce offers quality and quantity – and an unparalleled work ethic.

From K-12 schools that challenge and inspire students to be both imaginative and analytical, to post secondary institutions that promote development of moral character and produce highly skilled graduates, every level of Ohio’s education and workforce development system is designed to develop an educated, innovative and reliable workforce.

Best of all, many of the leading public universities in Ohio also provide business services, resources and facilities to foster entrepreneurship and capital investment. We even make it easy for you to find talent for your company right now: simply visit OhioMeansJobs.com, a great way to find and hire top talent in our state.

A highly educated workforce
is ready to help.

Ohio is home to more than 200 institutions of higher education – one of the highest concentrations on a per capita basis. More than 80,000 degrees are conferred each year to associate, bachelor and graduate students.

Business-education partners extend your capabilities.

The Ohio Board of Regents works with state, local, and other economic development entities to attract, retain, and expand projects in Ohio. Ohio universities partner with more than 2,000 companies in Ohio and around the world.

We offer abundant, renowned research institutions.

Ohio is home to world-class public and private research institutions:
The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Akron are all among the top teaching and research facilities in the United States.

Our online portal
connects you with talent.

OhioMeansJobs.com is a dedicated website for both hiring companies and job seekers. It’s a convenient way to find and hire top talent, and allows you to post job and internship opportunities, explore training programs, and more.

Centers of Excellence drive
business innovation.

Ohio’s higher education institutions have established Centers of Excellence within the system that focus on key strengths – from high-tech and healthcare to agriculture – to enhance the quality of education and impart specific skills on graduates.

Our high schools continue to graduate smart young adults.

Over the past few academic years, Ohio has improved its high school graduation rate. The State has instituted more rigorous graduation requirement testing to ensure students are leaving Ohio high schools ready to pursue further education or directly enter the workplace.

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Attract the best talent. Shrink labor costs.
Reduce personal income tax by up to 21 percent. High personal income tax adversely affects your company’s ability to attract and retain top-level executives and highly skilled workers. Our efforts to lower the State personal income tax makes Ohio a more attractive location for corporate entrepreneurs to live and work.

We’ll help you find the workers you need.
JobsOhio can provide assistance with high volume recruitment, assessment, pre- and post- employment training, and stackable credentialing for high skill manufacturing positions through an extensive network of Adult Workforce Education Centers from full service training institutions and two-year colleges. Customized training packages can be developed based on company specific needs and requirements.

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