Software and IS is in Ohio’s DNA. We programmed the first ATM and are home to the world’s first commercial online access, content database and billpay services.

CompuServe, LexisNexis and CheckFree — each founded in Ohio decades ahead of the competition. Since then, the software and information services industry has continued to grow in strength and influence. Today, IS-related companies employ more than 170,000 professionals, served by a rich network of peer organizations and world-class IS programs.

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International leaders invest here

223 acres / 196,000 sq. ft.


Ongoing commitment from industry leaders

$3 billion

The CIOs of the top 20 IT organizations in Cincinnati alone control combined annual IT budgets exceeding $3 billion.


Attract and retain the talent you need

With more than 170,000 Ohio ranks 10th among states in two critical high tech employment categories

Ohio is 10th in the U.S. for employment in both computer systems design and
related services (58,900 jobs) and measuring and control instruments manufacturing (7,500 jobs).

R & D

Growing next-generation thinking

Technology Centers located throughout Ohio represent strong network of business incubators, mentors, and angel/venture capital groups for peer mentorships, funding opportunities, and product innovation services. Their sole purpose: to help established and early-stage technology-based businesses succeed.

Local organizations foster advocacy and collaboration among Ohio’s IS and software leaders.

Education & Training

Feeding the technology development life cycle

Ohio’s technology workforce pipeline is replenished with more than 80,000 graduates each year from the state’s institutions of higher education.

Site Selection

Narrow your building and location choices

Discover why Site Selection magazine picked Ohio as the top state to locate a business four years in a row. JobsOhio Consultants will quickly provide the economic, geographic and other data you need to make an informed decision, and connect you with the industry, funding and political partners you need to move fast.

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Maximize your marketability

Ohio’s big businesses demand information technology excellence and the state’s IT industry efficiently handles the high volume of day-to-day, real-time large data transfers for nationally and internationally known companies.

These and other Ohio-based IS leaders bring must-have data to users around the world.


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