Wright Brothers Institute Hosts JobsOhio Board of Directors

JobsOhio’s Board of Directors held its third public meeting of the year in Dayton to discuss and decide on a number of strategic and operational issues concerning the non-profit corporation.


Guidelines approved for Revitalization Program

COLUMBUS – JobsOhio’s Board of Directors met today in Dayton where it discussed and made decisions on a number of strategic and operational issues concerning the private, non-profit economic development corporation. This was the Board’s third public meeting of 2013 and was held at the Wright Brothers Institute, Tec^Edge Innovation & Collaboration Center.

JobsOhio President and Chief Investment Officer John Minor provided a recap of the corporation’s second quarter results that included project metrics and an update on the performance of liquor enterprise.

During the meeting, the Dayton Development Coalition provided an overview of its regional development strategy and on the aerospace and aviation industry.

Board actions included the review and approval of proposed guidelines for the JobsOhio Revitalization Program, which will replace the State’s Clean Ohio Brownfield program. The program is focused on the revitalization of sites for end-users that will create jobs for Ohioans.

The Board also approved resolutions related to JobsOhio’s articles of incorporation and its agreement with the Ohio Development Services Agency.

During the meeting, Minor addressed the corporate governance standards of JobsOhio, including accountability and reporting practices.

“We are very focused on ethics and building a culture and DNA at JobsOhio that revolves around this important issue,” said Minor.

The next meeting of the JobsOhio Board of Directors will be held in Columbus in December.

JobsOhio’s mission is to drive Ohio’s job creation, new capital investment, and economic growth as a leading provider of innovative business solutions to companies.

Learn more about JobsOhio at jobs-ohio.com.

For more information, contact:

Matt Englehart, JobsOhio

(614) 300-1152

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