International investment in Ohio is growing, as Ohio continues to be one of the most attractive states in the United States for foreign direct investment (FDI). Located in the Midwest region of the U.S, Ohio offers a low cost of living, four seasons and welcoming communities. Ohio is an innovative state with a stable economy, a skilled workforce and world-class educational opportunities, all of which position international investors for success. More than 3,500 international business establishments from 45 countries have found a place to grow in Ohio. From common-sense business policies to customized incentives, international businesses will find what they are looking for in Ohio.

The state welcomes foreign investment, and JobsOhio is here to facilitate projects to ensure their success. Ohio is committed to continuously improving its FDI process to support international companies looking to invest in the U.S.

Ohio. Where the world is going.


Justin Kocher
Manager, International Business Development