Multinational companies choose Ohio because it simply makes sense. We offer easy access to markets, historically low taxes and business-friendly political leadership throughout the state. Our six diverse, motivated economic regions offer a faster track for business formation, relocation or expansion.

Ohio encourages active trade discussions, business development partnerships and investment from businesses based outside the United States. JobsOhio is your ambassador for Ohio exploration. You have 50 states to consider. Our job is to make your decision an easy one.

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The world has found a place to invest.

Companies from at least 43 countries have made investments in Ohio.

Six countries comprise 77% of total international employment.

The most employees in Ohio companies come from Japan, followed by Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Switzerland.

The automotive sector drives employment.

The motor vehicle industry comprises the largest segment of foreign employment in Ohio.

Honda is Ohio’s largest foreign employer.

Honda’s operations in Ohio have been running smoothly for decades. Today, many of the automaker’s top sellers are build in Ohio, including the Accord Coupe and the Acura TL and RDX. Honda employs nearly 14,000 workers here.

Others thrive here as well.

After Honda, many top global companies have a strong presence in Ohio including Bridgestone (Japan, 3,000 employed) and Reed Elsevier (U.K./Netherlands, 2,500 workers) among others.

Ohio – The Profitable Choice For Business.

Global companies choose Ohio for it’s easy access to market, partners and customers. See the complete brochure for additional details.

A Strategic Imperative

JobsOhio’s global efforts are focused on pursuing markets that most closely match Ohio’s industry and technology strengths. Ohio’s greatest strength lies is broad-based manufacturing which includes automotive, aerospace, and advanced materials. Japan and Germany are the top global markets to attract this type of investment.

We bring together the strengths of the JobsOhio Network and utilize the assets we already possess in order to go to the international markets as a state.

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