The Energy to Drive Prosperity

The Utica region is one of the fastest growing natural gas production areas. With more than 1,700 permitted wells and the potential to have over 17,000 over the next few decades, oil and gas have taken a larger role in the state’s diverse energy portfolio. Ohio is home to two top-10 electric providers and four major refineries, and its strong business climate stems from a competitive tax structure and a streamlined, predictable regulatory system. The state is positioned to have competitively priced, reliable energy far into the future. 

The Shale Gas Boom

Ohio sits atop large portions of the Utica Shale formation, a large reserve the U.S. is only just beginning to tap. Experts believe that with its close proximity to the Marcellus Shale formation, Ohio and neighboring states could produce enough natural gas to meet the country’s needs for years to come. 

Dana A. Saucier, Jr.
Managing Director
Shale Energy & Petrochemical
Matt Cybulski
Sector Director
Shale Energy & Petrochemical