It Can Get There From Here 

Reliability. Flexibility. Cost-effectiveness. Companies involved in logistics and distribution demand these three factors when it comes to moving goods. That’s why so many CEOs choose to locate in Ohio. Because of its strategic location, integrated infrastructure, competitive business climate and extensive talent pool, Ohio gives companies the confidence of knowing they can move anything, anywhere, anytime.

An Omni-channel Experience

From roads and rails to air and water, Ohio’s omni-channel infrastructure is strong and well-connected. In Ohio, companies benefit from:

  • The nation’s fourth largest interstate system.
  • A location within one day’s drive of more than 60 percent of North America’s manufacturing capacity.
  • 10 major rail yards and 13 intermodal terminals.
  • Four dedicated air cargo terminals, seven commercial airports and three inland water ports.
  • Nine foreign trade zones that provide cost-effective access to suppliers and markets around the world.

No matter what you’re moving or how you need to move it, Ohio will help you get it there.

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Ted Griffith
Managing Director
Information Technology, Logistics & Distribution
Milind Paranjape
Information Technology, Logistics & Distribution