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Ohio is a global leader in advancing next-generation manufacturing via a connected innovation network.

Companies from around the world are finding that Ohio offers high-value advantages at a low cost of doing business. In Ohio, companies can:

Partner with four of the Manufacturing USA institutes. Take advantage of Ohio’s participation with these institutes and over $10 billion in R&D investment to fast track innovation and commercialization of new products.

Innovate new products. Companies here are making advancements in additive manufacturing, automation and advanced materials such as carbon fiber and other composites.

Maintain quality with a robust talent pool. Ohio colleges and universities produce more than 10,000 engineers and engineer technicians annually.

Be in close proximity to markets, partners and customers. Ohio is located within 600 miles of 60 percent of the North American population, saving companies time and money when transporting goods and collaborating with partners.

In 2014, German automotive supplier Borgers AG began searching for a location to build its second North American manufacturing facility. Werner Borgers, company CEO and a  fifth-generation member of its founding family, had just started thinking about the search when representatives from JobsOhio came to his company’s headquarters in Bocholt, Germany.

Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

Short, sweet and to-the-point facts about manufacturing in Ohio
Glenn Richardson, JobsOhio Managing Director
September 12, 2017

Ohio has an array of research resources, collaboration opportunities and benefits that make Ohio the place to be for the rapidly evolving world of modern manufacturing. Whether a company is looking for workforce or R&D, they'll find it in Ohio.

Students learn advanced manufacturing skills at Festo, Inc.

Companies are adopting advanced manufacturing technologies, but don't have the workforce with the skills to operate the new technology. German-based Festo’s workforce training program combines an associate degree, skills training and on-the-job experience.

The world's number one plastics industry ecosystem
The world's number one plastics industry ecosystem

Ohio: The Number 1 Plastics Producer in the U.S.

Fueled by innovation and talent, Ohio is the number one plastics producer in the U.S.  With a strategic location giving access to suppliers and customers, Ohio based plastic and rubber companies produce over $5 billion worth of products annually.