Ohio consistently ranks first in the U.S. in the creation of new energy projects. With more than 500 wells drilled in Ohio’s Utica formation, oil and gas has taken a larger role in the state’s energy portfolio. State leadership has strongly committed to programs that retool our workforce, support collaborative research between industry and academia, and provide crucial funding.

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Be a part of the shale gas boom

Experts believe the Utica and Marcellus shale formations could produce enough natural gas to meet the country’s needs for years to come. Comprehensive energy policy creates an environment for diverse and low-cost, reliable energy sources. Learn more from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or contact JobsOhio to discuss opportunities.

Potential Shale Sites in Ohio


Attract and retain the talent you need

Ohio graduates thousands of “green collar” workers every year: Many universities and colleges in Ohio have implemented curricula, training and degrees that produce workers with advanced-energy expertise.

60 thousand Ohio manufacturing workers specializing in advanced energy


Labs and talent focused on rapid innovation

Ohio is a nexus of energy research that will help you get products to market more quickly and profitably.

Research and development expenditures at Ohio universities and colleges in recent years. And we’re home to Battelle Memorial Institute, the largest non-profit R&D organization in the world, and a principal in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Nearly 70% increase


Aligned with the demands of modern business

Ohio’s public and private universities supply well-prepared employees to our workforce. And robust academic/industry collaboration helps commercialize technology and spur innovation. Fifteen graduate universities in Ohio created the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) to accelerate energy-related research. Among Ohio’s schools offering programs that study advanced energy innovations:

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Narrow your building and location choices

Discover why Site Selection magazine picked Ohio as the top state to locate a business five out of the past seven years. JobsOhio Consultants will quickly provide the economic, geographic, and other data you need to make an informed decision, and connect you with the industry, funding, and political partners you need to move fast.

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Maximize your marketability

Ohio’s extensive centralized supply chain ranges from R&D to drilling and a robust chemical and polymer industry.

These are just a few of the leading energy corporations with significant operations in Ohio.

Collaboration is everywhere you look. Here are just a few of our major research leaders:

Ohio sits atop large portions of the Utica and Marcellus Shale Formations, a massive reserve the U.S. is only just beginning to tap. What made us an ideal home for the auto-industry supply chain is also true for natural gas: an established logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, favorable tax structure and central location that lets you provide fast, just-in-time services to this growing sector.

Ohio boasts an impressive wind-energy manufacturing supply chain and sits in the middle of developing renewable-energy markets in the Northeast and Midwest. And Ohio’s solar industry is already shining brightly. Photovoltaic component materials have been made here a long time, and a cluster of manufacturers and research initiatives are internationally prominent and thriving.

Energy Services in Ohio are a critical part of keeping your business running cost effectively. And Ohio businesses often partner with industry leaders like AEP Ohio, First Energy, Duke Energy and Columbia Gas, among others.

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