Logistics Leading Ohio a Logical Location for 2015 Freight Conference

By Ted Griffith
Managing Director - Logistics and Distribution

On Sept. 14 and 15, those who produce and move goods will come together in Cincinnati with those who plan, build and maintain freight infrastructure. The goal? To explore supply chain and logistics best practices while strengthening public-private relationships needed to maintain an efficient transportation network.

The 2015 Conference on Freight, titled “Breaking Boundaries: Building a Future Together,” has attracted more registered attendees than any of our previous freight conferences. For the first time, the conference combines three important events -- the Ohio Conference on Freight, the Mid-America Freight Conference, and the Kentucky Freight Conference. JobsOhio will be there, providing key organizational support along with the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments and the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments.

Combining the three events underscores the regional relationships on which Ohio commerce depends. Holding the event in Ohio and on the Ohio River underscores the importance of our state to moving freight.

Businesses that move freight require a world-class logistics environment with flexibility and reach. Businesses require global trade capabilities to help simplify goods movement in, around, and out of the country. And, they’re looking for an employee base with the capacity to meet a company’s growth needs, along with an overall low-cost of doing business. Ohio has all of these things, more than any other state in the Midwest. No matter where businesses locate in Ohio, they will have easy access to:

  • Trucking. Ohio is a strong leader in trucking, ranking first in the Midwest and third in the U.S. in value shipped.
  • Rail. Development of the Heartland Corridor and National Rail Gateway has increased Ohio’s capacity for double stack intermodals, which directly link Ohio to the shipping ports with minimal delays. Ohio is the termination point for both of these new rail strategies, which means that freight HAS to go through Ohio. Ohio has 10 major rail yards and 10 intermodal terminals.
  • Air. Ohio offers four dedicated air cargo terminals located strategically throughout the state; that’s more than any other Midwestern state.
  • Water. Ohio provides access to European shipping routes through the Great Lakes and St. Laurence Seaway and access to southern trade routes through the Ohio River to the Mississippi. Ohio is the only Midwest state that can reduce time to market by five days or more.
  • Trade zones. With nine, Ohio boasts the largest presence of foreign trade zones in the Midwest, generating the largest volume of trade exports and the second largest number of trade receipts in the region.

Ohio also is business-friendly for logistics, providing a better than average tax situation for business, and we offer one of the largest logistics workforces in the Midwest.

While Ohio is strategically poised as a logistics hub, experts predict dramatic growth in freight volumes in the coming years. That challenges logistics networks to meet rising demand. “Breaking Boundaries: Building a Future Together” will address the impact our freight infrastructure will have on our economy’s ability to grow.

The conference attracts more than 250 public and private decision-makers each year from numerous states and Canadian provinces in the U.S. and Canada.  Make plans to attend this important conference by registering today. 

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