Connecting Talent with Ohio Job Creators

By Cheryl Hay, Director of Talent Acquisition, JobsOhio

How does one calculate the value of talent to an organization? An Ohio-based CEO qualified it for me using this example. 

“Our industry had a number of applications before congress for funding to support research, equipment, facilities and talent. I was asked by our congressional representative to assist the legislature with prioritizing this volume of requests. My reply was that all of those things were necessary to deliver quality services, but none of those items were beneficial without people to conduct the research, staff the facilities and run the equipment. Talented people were the most critical request before them,” said the CEO.

Whether a business is looking at our state as a potential site for its operation or a current Ohio company is looking to expand and grow, the talent topic is front and center of the economic development dialogue. 

This exciting talent acquisition work is in the early planning stages, with a goal of full implementation by year end.  Ohio is critically poised with an employee base and education ecosystem of highly engaged stakeholders committed to the talent equation. 

To support companies locating and expanding in Ohio with this critical need, JobsOhio is developing a talent acquisition service. The identified business will receive a talent strategy tailored specifically to its operating environment, skill need and hiring deadlines, and connections for the company with the necessary talent by leveraging the state’s existing workforce and education infrastructure.

As director of the Project Talent Acquisition team for JobsOhio, the team and I are designing an array of customized talent services that focus on talent sourcing, new hire prescreening and skill-based training for businesses expanding in or locating to Ohio. Why?  Because the most competitive economic development environments are pro-actively eliminating the uncertaininties about recruiting and preparing a workforce that these companies face, enabling organizations to most effectively execute a business strategy because they have acquired the upfront talent necessary to do so.

At a time when statewide talent and talent acquisition systems are becoming key points of competitive advantage in the economic development space, JobsOhio intends to further distinguish the talent acquisition service through regional delivery.  Our Regional Network partners are adding staff in support of the strategy to ensure we capitalize on talent services that are unique to each region, identifying the best localized approach for talent attraction and delivery within each of our dynamic communities.

We are excited at the opportunity before us to connect critical wokforce segments and skill sets that will drive the successful attainment of the priorities set by Ohio businesses. Such investements in talent acquisition helps distinguish Ohio as an ideal location for business capital investment and expansion.

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