A 3D-Printed Drug is the Latest in a Long Line of Ohio BioHealth Innovations

By Aaron Pitts
Senior Managing Director - BioHealth

The first U.S.-approved drug created by 3D printing was made here in Ohio – and that is not by accident.

In August, the federal Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to Spritam, a dissolvable tablet to treat seizures in adults and children with epilepsy. This was a historic occasion as Spritam, manufactured by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash, is created through the 3D printing process. No other drug created by 3D printing has received FDA approval.

JobsOhio is proud to be home to such innovation – and prouder still that it was brought to us as a result of the strong relationship between our local and regional partners and Aprecia’s majority owner, the Arington family. In February, JobsOhio worked with our regional partner, REDI Cincinnati, the City of Blue Ash and Hamilton County to bring Aprecia’s production and testing facility – along with 150 new jobs and $25 million in investment – to the Buckeye State.

We all worked tirelessly to close the deal with Aprecia. But there’s a reason businesses in the BioHealth industry are attracted to the State of Ohio in the first place.

In fact, there are several reasons.

  • Ohio is anchored by two of the nation’s best teaching hospitals. In the northeast corner of the state, lies Cleveland Clinic, the nation’s No. 1 heart care hospital for the past 21 years, according to U.S. News & World Report. In the southwest corner is the No. 3 American pediatric hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. New and relocating BioHealth companies understand the benefits that come with proximity to these two world-renowned institutions.
  • Ohio is a national center of academic research and development. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Cincinnati are among the innovation laboratories that are producing successful groundbreaking research, exciting new treatments, and an educated workforce for the BioHealth industry. Add to these assets the $500+ million invested in BioHealth by the Ohio Third Frontier program since 2005, and you have unparalleled infrastructure to support this industry.
  • Ohio is a low-cost and low-risk place to do business. The occupancy, labor and services expenses in Ohio are at least 20 percent lower than in the bicoastal states. Couple cost advantage with lower risk of natural disaster than almost any other location in the country, and you see why Ohio is a magnet for products and services requiring high availability.
  • Location, location, location. A full 90 percent of U.S. pharmaceuticals flow through central Ohio; Ohio’s status as a prime logistics hub makes it a terrific location for the distribution of healthcare products.
  • You win with people. At the risk of trotting out a much-overused Woody Hayes quote, one of the secrets to Ohio’s success in BioHealth is the quality of the people we have in the industry. Companies operating in Ohio cite an incredibly dedicated, creative and stable workforce that serve startups and industry leaders alike.

We are honored to promote Ohio’s thriving BioHealth industry— it is a privileged space where our companies are improving, extending, and saving lives, while also providing durable, high paying jobs for Ohioans. 

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